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Trinity's Journal
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Date:2004-11-03 20:09
Mood: accomplished

Author: Lillitheris
Name: Friendship
Characters: Most of the X-Gang make an appearance though is Gambit-centric
Other Postings: FF.NET, AFF.NET
Special Request: Tell me what you think, good or bad.

Remy finds that perhaps he has been looking too hard. Turns out what he was looking for was right under his nose.

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Date:2004-11-03 19:20
Mood: tired

I'm so tired.
I haven't slept a wink.
I'm so tire. My mind is on the blink.
I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink.


Bloody hell I am tired. What's worse, I still haven't finished stupid LotR. As I don't know what is going to be on the test, can't take the chance that I know enough.

The hell with the ever whiny Frodo and his whining for today. I am going to bed.

BTW, does anyone know a good place to advertise an online RPG?

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Date:2004-10-29 23:14
Subject:The Promised Fic
Mood: accomplished

Tis Remy and 'Ro. I was planning on adding more. Tell me if you think I should leave it as it is or add more or change anything. Just tell me how ya like it pleeeeaaaase :)

Tis Remy and 'Ro. I was planning on adding more. Tell me if you think I should leave it as it is or add more or change anything. Just tell me how ya like it pleeeeaaaase :)


How do you watch a friend destroy themselves? Ororo had known Remy it seemed forever now. She loved him as dearly as any other friend she had and perhaps paid him just a little more attention than the others. Why? It seemed he needed her just a little bit more, her shoulder to cry on? Her ear to listen to the words Rogue never really cared about. It was truly a relationship spawned in hell. There was no real pleasure or happiness to be found there. Perhaps that was why he pursued it so desperately, because he couldn't ever really have her. It made sense in a strange, if not twisted sort of way. Remy didn't think himself worthy, 'Ro knew that, he never had. So many, what he felt to be, evils in his life he didn't deserve friendship, trust, or love. Flirt just to see Jean blush, flirt with 'Ro just to see Rogue get angry, flirt with everyone because it was a part of his nature. Not that Rogue every really accepted that about him.

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Date:2004-10-29 19:56
Subject:Down Down the Goblin Town
Mood: annoyed

I have come to the conclusion, my own personal opinion of course, that LotR is thick, slogging, and kind of hard to get through. J.R.R Tolkein was a historian and linguist not a story teller. However, the movies were one of the high lights of my cinematic life. The Hobbit I have read probably a dozen times or more in my life and it flowed so much more easily and I really cared about Bilbo. Besides, how can you not care for a character named Bilbo.

I began LotR with high hopes. After all, Frodo sounds kind of like Bilbo without the exact same whimsy. I was most disappointed to discover, where Bilbo held his momentous tasks with courage and little whining, Frodo whined nearly endlessly.

I understand that he was supposed to have been tainted by the stab by the sword but you would think a man, even a Hobbit, could make it a single page without whining about /his/ burden. He whines more than Luke Skywalked in Star Wars.

I have a Professor who wants us to read the trilogy in class and it is like sorting through old tax returns, unexciting.

Ah well, I return to the trenches of LotR.

This has been a momentary soap box production, thank you for your patronage and tolerance.

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Date:2004-10-28 13:25
Mood: chipper

10:15 on a Saturday night and the clock ticks under the strip light
and I'm sitting in the kitchen sink
and the clock ticks

Here it is almost All Hallows Eve and nary a candy in the house. There should certainly be an over abundance of candy come Halloween. I should grab Ken, Sarah, Eero and venture forth to the candy store of wonder.

There is a candy store downtown, Minge's, where they have the most miraculous array of sweet candy delights. What's better than that? They are all sold in bulk for rediculously low prices. Ahh, candy for little cash. What's better than that? Eating said cheap candy. A two pound tub of red vines is what I truly crave.

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Date:2004-10-27 11:15
Subject:It's been awhile
Mood: anxious

I am bloody well sick again. There is a big surprise. The plague is out and about and I managed to stand right in the way. I usually do something of the like. So, it went from this freakish tonsillitis where my tonsil was extended sickeningly down my throat. I can't remember my throat ever hurting that much before. I am sure it has. It always seems that the pain at hand is the most pressing, the worst pain you have ever experienced before is always the closest. I have decided that I am going to try to post some of the massive amounts of fan fic that I have. That is what boredom does to you I suppose.

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Date:2003-12-22 11:52
Subject:This is Halloween Lyrics

Just for anyone who wants them.
Viola!Collapse )

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Date:2003-12-22 11:50
Subject:Everybody scream, in our town of Halloween
Mood: apathetic

Nah, it's got nothing at all to do with Christmas, Danny Elfman, Nightmare Before Christmas, or even Halloween. I am watching Nightmare Before Christmas on the computer. It attests more to total randomness today. Damn I am tired. I went to bed ridiculously early last night, maybe I slept too long. 13 hours is a long long time after all.

I have tons of sheesh to do today. I need to pop to the post office. I need to pop to the grocery. I need to do dishes. I need to do laundry. I need to try to not lose my mind. I feel kind of numb to all of that stuff to do.

Chaos rules my mind.
Serenity foreign to me.

Need to remember to take Sarah Preacher and Sandman : Preludes and Nocturnes

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Date:2003-12-20 13:13

Last night was fun and interesting for a little while. We went to visit the Hustler Store and view their wide array of porn and plastic naughty bits. Sarah is now entirely enraptured by the idea of S&M, or more specifically, a part time S&M relationship. If I got 3 wishes, I would create her a Darrien. She needs one badly, especially after the evil one.

Speaking of the evil one, it is game time today. Ken asked me why I still go. I told him it was for moral support for Sarah. I can't leave her there on her own. I am soooooo not looking forward to it. I know he is going to bone the only character I have ever really liked because she is in love with Olan. Somewhere inside, for some pathetic reason, I still hope he will wake up and see how much and verily it doth suck. Meh, need to get Josh's phone number. We can play a real game next weekend, a pox on Dan and his gaming elitist self.

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Date:2003-12-17 14:13
Subject:Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Well, the long wait is finally over. I went to the opening of Return of the King, the last in the long trilogy. I say long because all three films combined make the better part of a day. The first is almost three hours in the extended version. The second is over three hours on the extended version. The last is likely going to be 4+ as it is 3 hours and 32 minutes on the normal version. This is a lot of ass numbing time to spend in a chair but I am a fan, what can I say.

My first and formost bitch about the movie has always been Arwen. In the books she was only in it long enough for, "Hi there, I am Arwen (exaggerating) but she was only in it long enough for you to realize she is Elrond's daughter. Yet, Hollywood just has to have a fricken love story. Not like epic battles between good and evil are enough. Enter Liv Tyler, I have nothing against Liv Tyler per se but she is an awful elf. She is /very/ human and it's a silly character anyway. Arwen and Aragorn had no love affair, nothing that could even be thought of or interpreted as a love affair under any light at all. That's my biggest complaint.

I have others but none bother me quite as much as that one. Buggering things just to have a damned love affair. It wasn't even really a focal point of the movie. To make it so is daft.

My next big bitch, what the bloody hell happened to Faramir? He was fricken Superman in the books. Offer him the ring and he says, "Uhm, no thanks I have no great desire to become Sauron's little bitch. Thanks for offering though." Okay, I may be more irritated by this than Arwen. He was a really cool character and they anally raped him without any lube at all and a massive horse schlong. They let him redeem himself to not be a complete and total putz in this last one but still... sheesh.

I have tons of good things to say about the cast. One person to slap royally, Viggo, hon... How on Earth could you possibly get through life and not know about LotR? It's a book, I had to read it in high school and while it was bogged down and thick, I loved the Hobbit. Which, in turn, led me to drag through the others, to force my way through them. and then led me to stand in a long ass line in the freezing cold and to a movie theater in Finland to see the others. Bonzer to you I say for listening to your son, maybe you should do it more often. Except that borrowing the car thing, let him buy his own.

Orlando, what can you say about a man who showed up with highest hopes to audition for a much crappier part and someone said, "Hey, get him to read for Legolas" and he was confused? It is true, Orlando just king of snuck in there and was on cloud nine the entire time, waiting for someone to notice he hadn't really ever done movies before, only commercials. It is sweet, it is nice to see someone who is an actor not so hideously involved in themselves. He was giddy the entire time. What's more, he was a bitching Legolas and damned sexy to boot. Yea Orlando!

I still maintain I think Elijah would have made a better elf with that thin face and high cheek bones, but what the hell do I know? He did a good job though and didn't bone it, Yea Elijah!

Ian, what can I say? Very cool Gandolf. We get to see Gandolf kicking some major ass and all I can say is .. .wow. I look forward to more with Magneto from you. There is one other thing for dear Ian though. Ian is gay, more power to him. However, he says that he plays all of his characters gay. For Gandolf this just offends me. It is pretenious, self serving and downright ludicrious, just play the character man. Gandolf is kind of asexual to my way of thinking, he's just Gandolf. I won't even mention Magneto as he did most of the women in the X-Men comics. Nuff said.

Am I going to go through the rest of the cast, probably not. I will give Sean Bean his props though. Just found some pics of him on the net., he's kinda sexy. Just missed it all completely. Oh, and one other things for Viggo, you make a much better brunette, stay with it. It works for you.

The movie is very cool, I highly suggest grabbing your best girl, guy, small blue fuzzy creatures from alpha centauri and running right out to see it. If you wait to see it on video, buy it. Don't buy the crappy 11 dollar one at Wal-Wart, spring for the 30 dollar one from ...Media Play. It rocks, best thing on film lately, cept Pirates of the Carribean (mmmm Johnny Depp)

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Date:2003-12-15 08:14
Subject:Dream of Olan

Here is another dream chronicle. I just wanted to remember this one cause it was fun:

For those of you who don't want to really read it. For those of you who do CLICK HERECollapse )

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Date:2003-12-15 07:31
Subject:It's just not normal
Mood: awake

I have been having really unusual and vivid dreams lately. Maybe I should just be making this a dream journal instead of anything else. Although, last night was just ridiculous and downright silly. I dreamed that Jason, of Friday the 13th fame, was running around a school and an airplane killing folks in the silliest of ways. Then the Jason menace was over when the movie was over. Not that I even ever watched more than one of those. I just don't have the horror movie constitution that I used to have. I used to not have nightmares from age 6-18. Then I started having them again. So, now I can't watch horror movies. I watched Sixth Sense and I couldn't sleep for two days. Then I watched The Ring and it didn't disturb me at all. I think it has to do with plausibility. I think to me the idea that a little boy could see ghosts isn't that far out. But the idea that a little girl is just evil as hell and makes a video tape to kill people is just a lot further outside my realms of possibility.

Since I have been sick I have been going to bed early and now I think I am getting better so now I am up at 6 in the morning. Bloody hell, there is just nothing to do this early in the morning. All that is on is Young Frankenstein, could be worse mind you but still, just feel so weird being awake this early. Not even the ever early riser Rain is up. Speaking of Rain, he had a conniption fit on me Friday. I get a mail from him telling me that he is in love with me. I haven't written him back yet as I am really not sure what to say. I have a gay man in love with me. Better yet, a gay man who is a rl slave to a sadistic bastard. This is really just a special situation. Not sure what that means though. Ah well, back to Young Frankenstein.

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Date:2003-12-12 14:08
Subject:Dreamtime: Part II-Road to Pinewood Lake

Rai and Lolelei spent the night at the inn. Lorelei told Rai that she was a member of a group called the Jann Order and they might be abel to help her om a way Lorelei could not, "Malick knows everything, I am sure he will be able to help you. He's in Pinewood Lake, that's only about a week's ride from here. I even have horses, we should be able to make it there in no time at all."

There was fruit, water, bread, and cheese for breakfast. The water almost sickened Rai, she might have just been being paranoid but she was sure she could taste, things in it. The fruit was safe enough though. Lorelei fetched her some wine, which while not top notch was safe enough to drink. Before the sun had climbed too high in the sky, they were on the road south to Pinewood Lake. Frankly, Rai wasn't sure that Lorelei and her Jann Knights weren't entirely daft. She said they existed to help make prophecies of the world come true. If they were prophecies then she thought they would come to be on their own. What did she know of prophecies though. If that was how Lorelei wanted to spend her time then good for her. That night, they made camp and Lorelei tested her. She showed her different things in different languages to test her education level. Surely, if she were well educated then she wasn't a commoner. She was able to read all that was put before her though, she wasn't able to put name to what the languages were she read.

Into dreams and visions of things that couldn't be?

A strange place, familiar steps, broken glass showering from over head. Then, the smell of smoke, food, cooking, "Rai? You awake?"

Rai shifted against her pallet and opened her eyes. Lorelei was over the fire, cooking what looked like some kind of gruel, or something of the like. Something caught her eye as she moved to get up, glass. There were bits of broken glass clinging to her dress, just as if she had been beneath the shower of glass in her dream. She just stared at the glittering bits until Lorelei broke her silence with an offer of food. She accepted without a word, still pondering the impossibility of what her eyes told her. It was in the same daze she mounted up and headed out for the day's ride. Just as always, Lorelei went on and on but she was only listening with half an ear. She kept picturing the fall of glass again and again.

There was a sound just up ahead and voices called out, "Oi there, throw down you... Hey, get a look at them." Voices called back and fourth seeming to agree on thier beauty. One by one, men crawled out of the trees lining the road to approach them. Lorelei jumped down off of her horse and told her to stay close. A wavering of light surrounded them as the men walked closer and closer. Flames shot out from Lorelei setting one of the men aflam. A strange feeling came over Rai. She felt a sudden and total piece. She extended one of her hands and a man flew backwards. Two others dropped to their knees, blood running from their eyes and nose. Lorelei turned with a look of total shock on her face, "I didn't know you could do that."

There was a look of surprise on her own face as she looked down at her hands, "I didn't know I could do that either." Lorelei searched the men laying on the road and claimed their money and weapons for her own before climbing back up on her horse, "I am sure Malick will know what to do, come on let's go! We can't possibly be that far off now."

Rai jumped up onto her horse and hurried along to keep up with Lorelei. They pulled into a small village just before dark. So, this was Pinewood Lake, it looked like it would barely even be a blip on a map, an inn, a couple of trading stands, and that was it apart from the houses. Even the houses were few and far between. Lorelei checked into the inn and left Rai to go to sleep while she went to contact her 'order'.

There were no dreams that left any glass, or anything else on her clothes for that matter. It was late in the afternoon of the next day when Lorelei returned to wake Rai. She had no idea what had made her so tired but she was grateful for the rest. Obviously, her body had required it. Lorelei flopped down on the bed, "Well, Malick said he had seen you with me on the way here. He said I should take you back to Avalon, that's my home, it's where I am from. I know you will love it there. I am sure my Mom and Dad will let you stay with us. They are really great. He also says I should take you to Vishnikaal, since he seems to think that might be where you are from. I told him I didn't think you were from there. You are only my age, and human so you couldn't possibly live that long. He wanted me to go by way of Tellis and back again. I told him that was a really long way and I miss my home. That was when he told me to take you to Avalon first. So, we are going to Avalon tomorrow. I can't wait to show it to you."

The next day began 6 months on a boat across the sea to Avalon the home of Lorelei and the Druids. Then two years of learning her own powers. She had psionics, a potential that was rarely seen. Some said that she was a Watcher. There seemed little doubt to those in charge. A Watcher was one who had been chosen by blood, or the Gods to represent and protect their land. Whatever that really meant since her land was apparently cursed. Rai had learned how to use her powers, she had learned about her people, about their fate but what good did it do with the land cursed. She was told she had to find a way to find the forgiveness of the Gods, how? Lorelei suggested they start in Vishnikaal. Back on a boat again, they headed to Tellis and from there they would travel towards Bridgeport where they could take a boat to Vishnikaal.

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Date:2003-12-12 09:03
Subject:Dreamtime: Part I - The Foundling
Mood: accomplished

Warning Adult Content!Collapse )

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Date:2003-12-12 07:58
Mood: determined

Warning Adult ContentCollapse )

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Date:2003-12-12 07:11
Subject:Best Dream Ever!
Mood: ecstatic

The title sums it up really. Wow, best dream ever. I am so happy, not sure what I did to make Prince Morpheus so happy with him but I am going to have to send him a Yule card or something. Of course it was porn, as it seems all of the good dreams I have are. So, yes you lucky cats and kittens, you will get to read porn over Cheerios if you so desire. Yay for me!

Err, at least I will do it as soon as I remember how the hell to do an lj cut

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Date:2003-12-11 14:31
Subject:Shiver and Shake
Mood: aggravated

Bloody hell, some people just don't deserve to live. All that precious oxygen going to waste in their daily existence. Think how many people could live with clean air if these people didn't draw breath. I don't know what the hell happened to my friend Joel but ever since Megan's appearance it had gone all to hell. I just can't understand or believe how that would work. I am evil incarnate now when before I was pretty cool. It doesn't make a lick of sense to me.

Then there is another who accuses me of the most inane plot to keep him and his ex-wife (ex being the most focal part of this statement) apart and keeping them from being happy because I hate them both with such dire passion. It is simply the most ludicrious thing I have ever heard in my life.

As for Joel, I don't think I can do much about it. He has now got these fixed ideas in this mind and everything I do seems to exascerbate it. I emailed the server owner and asked if he left would he still be offering the space. Now that makes it that I am going over his head. Here I think I am helping to make it not so stressul on him but it makes it instead that I am going over his head. Fuck if I know what to do about it anymore. Once upon a time we got on so well. I guess that is over now. I suppose I should just let it go. It's just always so hard to see someone you cared for slip away.

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Date:2003-12-09 16:10


Soooo pretty

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Date:2003-12-09 11:46

Hmm... I am hungry. I wish Ken was home. I wish Sarah was awake. I wish Rain was done with his mob. I am bored out of my wee little mind. I was contemplating downloading one of the clients. Sarah referred me to Loch Journal, not sure what the difference is on that. I should write porn, I am always good at that and it might aleviate some of my boredom. However, then I will be all horny. Bugger! Oh well, maybe I will just go watch Strong Bad.

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Date:2003-12-09 03:57
Subject:Oh yeah

One more thing:


and this is cute


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